“Happy House, Happy Life” How to navigate from chaos to calm

Happy House Happy Life was created to honour the fact that Parents are the experts on their child. Together with your children I believe you can learn to grow through any challenge. Together you can learn to manage moments of anxiety, stress, and everyday challenges. I believe Conscious Communication is the quickest, safest & most inexpensive way to heal these challenges and build loving connection in your family. I have experienced the shifts in my own family and all the families I have worked with over the past eight years.

Understanding is the new healing. Enrol now so you’ll never again worry if you’re fixing or feeding their anxiety/stress.

You don’t need an expert if I can do this so can you.

Anxiety that’s blocking connection & or participation in everyday activities is not a stage of development that they’ll grow out of. Instead, they go inwards and personalise this challenge as inability or worse trauma.
Anxiety is not something you can fix, it’s to be managed. It’s totally possible to shift your perspective and make this challenge fun.

Children as young as 3 have benefited from this course.

Your child is a child and therefore needs their main caregiver support to manage this. Their brains are not developed enough to manage this alone.

Now I know you might be thinking, I’m not a counsellor or a therapist. I understand. I get it and I know it feels scary. However, when you learn to de-personalise the anxiety/challenge for your child it de-escalates the emotional charge. I share plenty of real-time examples in my course that you can learn from and use to support your family’s journey. You don’t have to figure this out alone or even teach it to them. You’ll watch it together.

Your family needs your presence not perfection.

I’m not looking to impress you by making it complicated, I’m looking to empower you by keeping it simple.

Removing judgment of their behaviour moves you into a space of loving the other person and naturally creates space for connection.

Connection has been proven time and time again as the most important common dominator in long-term health and well-being outcomes for children.

Once you have completed the course you will have:

A. Learned to quickly calm your child.
B. Learned to understand how to bypass reactive behaviour and outbursts to get to the root thought/belief or challenge driving their anxiety and or stress.
C. Learned to feel more empowered in your parenting choices.

I can’t speak for you but in my experience, children will listen and take on board information from external experts quicker than listening to their parent. To bypass this challenge, I have recorded the course content so that you can watch it together. This is not another thing that you need to teach your family. It’s something you will explore together.

It’s pre-recorded so you are welcome to watch, pause to chat, jump to the parts that resonate for your families challenge or just watch on high speed if you all need a giggle.
Before you sign up, here’s an outline of what’s required of you to get the most out of this investment:


13 core essential videos all under 6 minutes (A-N)

A. Family
B. Intro
C. Monkey Brain
D. Elephant
E. Owl
F. Visual Recap
G. Mind / Body Reconnect
H. Anchoring Techniques
I. Senses Game
J. Affirmations
K. Fun, Fun, Fun
L. Massage
M. Breath Power
N. Meditation

5 parent videos all under 12 minutes

• Bullying Victim to Warrior
• Choices
• Kindness Solution
• Sleep
• Simple Do’s and Do Not’s