Victim to Warrior – How to Navigate Bullying


You’re going to learn how to:

❤️ Switch from victim of bullying to empowered warrior.
❤️ How to change your thinking from this is happening to me to this is happening for me.
❤️ Learning to respond from your heart while also maintaining healthy boundaries.
❤️ Empowered to choose healthy action steps to safeguard your mental health.
❤️ Learn to respond with love not judgement.
❤️ Teach yourself and your child to take your power back while navigating friendship ups and downs.

Funny Fact: Remember, it’s recorded so you can totally watch it on high speed!

Sinead Flanagan  //  Author

I am a wife, mum, daughter in law, sister, friend, and neighbour.  I live in the middle of Ireland in the countryside surrounded by farms and bogland. I have three kiddies who challenge, inspire, and make me laugh daily.  I am passionate about life.  I am passionate about food and enjoying it.  You’ll find me on the side of a hurling or football pitch supporting my two oldest children or watching my youngest sing or dance.  I love cooking, reading actual books (the smell of the book is part of the pleasure), being outdoors in nature, movie nights, butterflies, and generally being open to learning. I strive to buy local sustainable and eco-friendly as much as possible.  I meditate regularly and feel connected to the cycles of mother earth.  I am spiritual by nature.  My gut instinct guides my life choices.  I am a heart centered person who believes we are all equal regardless of status or title.

Sinead Flanagan

Sínead’s  book taught me so much over the last few weeks about our brain , our behaviourisms, our thoughts and feelings and more importantly about how to support and nurture our childrens wellbeing especially when we meet a challenging period. I believe that ‘Wisdom Wishes’ has given me  the confidence ,support and hope as a parent that we are able to get through these challenging and distressing times  while having learned  and gained new life skills along the way.

Edel Flynn – Teacher

This lovely book is filled with love and dedication and is a beautiful follow-on from your classes. It is a wonderful support for parents who need it to help them see they have the power. It really will bring so much calm and comfort to families. I hope you feel really proud of it.

Marineta Viegas-  Founder Relax Kids