“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get but from what we give” Ben Carson

Are you feeling burnt out?

Would you love to learn tips on how to keep your class calm yet productive?

Are you challenged to meet the needs of your students in a way that benefits the learning outcomes for all your class?

Do you find yourself losing valuable teaching time managing personality dynamics in the classroom?

Would you love to learn some simple skills to bring calm to your class?

The following solutions aim to support you to shift your perspective in a way that will enable you to understand and interpret children’s behaviour so that you feel empowered to respond.

I currently offer the following options to teachers. I am more than happy to work with you to create a bespoke offering for your school.

Sessions available nationwide.

Option 1- Understanding Anxiety impact on your classroom

  • Explanation of the brain body connection
  • Tips on how to spot the child struggling with anxiety
  • Information on how you can meet the anxious child’s need while also supporting class learning
  • Guided meditation / relaxation (You can’t fill from an empty cup)

Your teachers will walk away informed, empowered and relaxed

Time Investment 90 mins / 2 hours (Travel costs may apply)

Financial Investment €200 per session

Option 2: Learn how to use the relax kids 7 steps to restore calm in your class room

  • I will go through the Relax Kids 7 steps and explore how you can use it on a daily basis.
  • I’ll walk you through exercises and stretches you can use while children are seated
  • We’ll explore imaginative breathing techniques you can use to restore calm in the classroom
  • Guided meditation / relaxation (You can’t fill from an empty cup)

Your teachers will walk away informed, empowered and relaxed.

Time Investment 90 mins / 2 hours (Travel costs may apply)

Financial Investment €200 per session

Relax Kids with Sinead has been a key part of Cappagh N.S initiative to promote wellbeing among students in our school. I found the sessions to be very informative and engaging. Students were given a safe space to nurture and grow and Sinead went out of her way to provide professional and fun activities for all classes. Sinead has a wonderful interaction with students, but more specifically in discussing key aspects of maintaining a healthy mind. Sinead had a rapport that related to all students and their unique individuality. I would highly recommend Relax Kids with Sinead to anyone seeking a high level of professionalism and delivery

Niall Kinnarney – Teacher

Sinead delivered her anxiety workshop to four class groups and then a parent group that evening in our school.  Children, parents, and staff all benefited greatly.  Sinead has the ability to present information in a way that it can be understood, accepted, and applied to everyday activities in a way that is easy to achieve.  She is both professional and friendly.  I would highly recommend her workshop on anxiety.

P. Grimes – Teacher

“Your hands have helped pave the way.  They have given love and care each day.  No matter the tasks they have to do.  They’re tender caring and strong like you.  They’ve healed or lifted, encouraged, and touched, and in return you’re thanked so much!” Author Unknown.

Benefits of Relax Kids

Regular short bursts of relaxation throughout the school day have been proven to help:

Increase concentration, focus and attention.
Identify and manage emotions.
Improve learning and school performance.
Build sustainable strategies to manage stress and anxiety.
Reduce negative thinking and behaviour.
Aid self-control, emotions, and conflict resolution.
Equip pupils with simple behaviour management strategies.
Improve listening skills, social and communication skills.
Reduce anxiety, bullying and peer pressure.
Improve positive thinking, confidence, and self-esteem.