There’s a blessing in every lesson and a lesson in every blessing B.E. Hall

Are you seeing patterns of distress, dysfunction, dis-ease, within your little family unit? Do you feel you’re on a daily treadmill of behaviour management, rather than living and connecting with your needs and your family’s needs? Are you striving to do the best you can, but instinctively feel that your child needs support? Are you frustrated going to bed, feeling guilty about your perceived parenting fails? You instinctively feel something is not quite right, but you also know that medical intervention is not required. You feel at a loss as to what changes are needed so that you can have a Happy House.

I learned through experience that behaviour is children’s language. They lack the words to describe what they are struggling with. Children are masters at expressing their distress in everyday behaviours, making it exceptionally difficult for parents to pinpoint exactly what the challenge is for their child. What does it mean when your child is distressed going to school or pre-school, only for you to be told that once you leave, they have settled and have lots of fun. Is the fact that your child looks like they ran a marathon in the bed linked to their lack of appetite at breakfast or other flashpoints in the home? What is your child’s behaviour telling you? Secondly, will they outgrow this challenge, or do I need to intervene?

I believe that parents are the experts on their child and understand them like nobody else can. Therefore, it’s best if parents are empowered to choose what changes are required in their child’s life so that together, they can navigate the current challenges as a family unit.

My calls support you to translate everyday challenges into signals. Then together we collaboratively piece it together giving you a picture of what your child’s behaviour is communicating. De-coding the potential internal struggles your child may be experiencing and providing you with a road map of solutions to choose from. I simply, but effectively, help you see that you are empowered to make changes and informed choices for your child and your situation that will support your family to heal their current challenge.

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