Happy house happy life how to grow through anxiety, shifting from chaos to calm

DIY Wellbeing

Conscious communication is the quickest, safest &most inexpensive way to heal anxiety and build connection in your family.

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Learn to support your child through anxiety and or moments of stress.

❤️ Learn to quickly calm your child.
❤️ Learn to understand how to bypass reactive behaviour and outbursts o get to the root thought driving their anxiety and or stress.
❤️ Learn to feel more empowered in your parenting choices.

13 core essential videos all in under 6 minutes

A. Intro – All
B. Monkey Brain
C. Elephant
D. Owl
E. Visual Recap
F. Mind/Body Reconnect
G. Anchoring Techniques
H. Senses Game
I. Affirmations
J. Fun, Fun, Fun
K. Massage
L. Breath Power
M. Meditation

5 parent videos all in under 12 minutes

• Bullying Victim to Warrior
• Choices
• Kindness solution
• Sleep
• Simple dos and don’ts

Understanding is the new healing. Enrol now so you’ll never again worry if you’re fixing or feeding their anxiety/stress.

You don’t need an expert if I can do this so can you.

❤️ Anxiety that’s blocking connection & or participation in everyday activities is not a stage of development that they’ll grow out of.
❤️ Anxiety is not something you can fix, it’s to be managed.
❤️ Children as young as 3 have benefited from this course.
❤️ Your child is a child and therefore needs their main caregiver support to manage this. Their brains are not developed enough to manage this alone.

Sínead’s  book taught me so much over the last few weeks about our brain , our behaviourisms, our thoughts and feelings and more importantly about how to support and nurture our childrens wellbeing especially when we meet a challenging period. I believe that ‘Wisdom Wishes’ has given me  the confidence ,support and hope as a parent that we are able to get through these challenging and distressing times  while having learned  and gained new life skills along the way.

Edel Flynn – Teacher

This lovely book is filled with love and dedication and is a beautiful follow-on from your classes. It is a wonderful support for parents who need it to help them see they have the power. It really will bring so much calm and comfort to families. I hope you feel really proud of it.

Marineta Viegas-  Founder Relax Kids