Pink Friday Weekend Sale

Is this another sale event, yes, with a difference. It’s not black Friday it’s Pink Friday or rather a pink weekend sale. I’ve offered flash sales before but simple one-day offers only. My book for half price or a discount on my Course. This time I am throwing the baby out with the bath water. It’s a weekend full of love sale.

Before I fill you in on the offer, here’s a short description of what I am passionate about sharing with you. I believe that parents are the experts on their children, I also believe that currently, parents are unsupported, short on time and confused about whether they are fixing or feeding their children’s challenging behaviour. They say no and then struggle with guilt for not giving them what they want, or they say yes and worry that they are indulging their child.

I believe that my approach using conscious communication is the quickest, safest, and financially most inexpensive way to reconnect with your child’s needs and your own. If I can do this so, can you.

Your family needs you to be present not perfect.

I’m not looking to impress you by making it complicated, I’m looking to empower you by keeping it simple. I take the science and make it practical so that you can bypass the challenging behaviour and quickly shift towards the solution that fits right for your family and your unique situation. Removing judgement of their behaviour moves you into a space of loving the other person and naturally creates space for connection.

Now I know you might be thinking, I’m not a counsellor or a therapist. I understand. I get it and I know it feels scary. However, when you learn to de-personalise their challenge it de-escalates the emotional charge. Opening space for conversation and negotiation. I share plenty of real time examples in my course and book, that you can learn from and use to support your family’s journey.

Here’s what my offer includes:

  • “Happy House Happy Life” Course.  How to navigate from chaos to calm.
  1. 13 core essential videos all in under 6 minutes (Family watch together)
  2. 5 parent videos all in under 12 minutes (To support your communication skills)

Usual investment €197.00

  • Wisdom’s Wishes: How to turn anxiety into a gift that will connect your family book.  Audio and E-Book format.

Usual investment €15

  • A 40-minute coaching support call 1:1 with myself.

We all at times need a little support to change our behaviour.  We can all get caught up in the loop of overthinking our choices.  Especially when these choices can impact our loved ones.  This can cause us to waste our precious energy and time.  Stealing our presence from the moment and any gifts it may offer us.

My calls support you to translate everyday challenges into signals. Then together we collaboratively piece it together giving you a picture of what your child’s behaviour is communicating. De-coding the potential internal struggles your child may be experiencing and providing you with a road map of solutions to choose from. I simply, but effectively, help you see that you are empowered to make changes and informed choices for your child and your situation that will support your family to navigate their current challenge.

Usual investment €77

For this weekend only this bundle of love requires an investment of €111.

Great value I know. The only T&C’s is that you must use the 1:1 session before the end of January or risk losing it.

Here’s a flavour of what other people have said about me and the work I do.

“Excellent open and supportive conversation. I now have your book and am finding the first chapter alone very insightful” Janette – June 2023

“There has been a dramatic improvement in our daughter’s behaviour, she is back in her classroom for the first time in months. We would highly recommend Sinead” Paul – May 2023

“A must for everyone” Helen – 2022

“Best of the best, Sinead was amazing with my kids, and we learned loads. Amazing learning experience”

“She has never had a bad night’s sleep since and has found her voice. It’s all down to your wonderful direction, empathy, and honest approach”. Anonymous – 2022

Here’s what my experience with my own child and other families has taught me over the last 8 years:

  • Anxiety that’s blocking connection & or participation in everyday activities is not a stage of development that they’ll grow out of.
  • Anxiety is not something you can fix, it’s to be managed.
  • Children as young as 3 can learn to be conscious in their communication.
  • Your child is a child & and therefore needs their main caregivers support to manage this. Their brains are not developed enough to manage this alone.

If your focus as a parent is to empower your child to understand their worth, be able to advocate for themselves and be prepared for the highs and lows of life then this is an offer that will support you to achieve that in a way that is fun, light-hearted, action orientated and effortlessly sets down healthy boundaries with your children. Happy Houses lead to happy children, happy lives and happy communities.

Love always,